Picture Schedule
 Picture Day is Friday May 8th at Northwest Elementary.  Please see the schedule below for the approximate time of your team photo.  To preorder online, go to www.neatphotosne.com and click on prepay, then select the event for West Side LL. 

Picture Time



T-Ball Division


6:00 PM

Best Buy Self Storage

Domino's Pizza

6:10 PM

Dunkin Donuts

Courtney’s Cougars

6:20 PM



AA Minors


6:30 PM

Chez Vachon

Moin Orthodontics

6:40 PM

Quirk Chevrolet

Gimas Electric

6:50 PM

State Farm Capraro Agency

St Mary;'s Bank


AAA Minors


7:00 PM

Bob and Sons


7:10 PM

Jimmy's Pizza

Bob's Coin




7:20 PM

Aubin Hardware


7:30 PM

MPF #856


Intermediate Division


7:30 PM

Catholic War Vets

Indian Head Athletics


John & Sons





                                                                                                                                                                               Event Location                                                                                                                    



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